Career Wellness

Wellness is multi-dimensional and spans beyond the physical and mental. Researchers believe that career, financial, spiritual, social, and community are also facets to our wellbeing and overall health.

How we spend our time each day impacts our quality of life. For many people, an ideal career is enjoyable, fulfilling, and meaningful. Getting paid to do what comes most naturally to you, being recognized for your talents, surrounding yourself with people who celebrate you, and making a difference in the world.

That is Career Wellness and you can achieve it.


For 15 years, Dr. Chang has worked with and presented to over 10,000 individuals on career and wellness issues. Testimonials:

  • Dr. Chang has an innate ability to look at things from a different perspective, pull you outside of your comfort zone and illuminate ideas, issues, and pathways that you may have overlooked. Her impact on my career path has not only made me a more fulfilled worker, but has also allowed me to become a more balanced individual overall. -Koby, web strategist, Austin TX
  • Lynn provides an invaluable service in helping people find what I call their “soul’s well-being inside work.” She expertly guided and motivated my fourteen year old while staying on his level, yet giving him invaluable tools he needs to begin his journey toward a career in the video-game industry. -Julie, parent and teacher, Georgetown TX
  • Lynn is warm, thoughtful, and helpful. Around every twist and turn in my professional journey, she has provided me with insight, encouragement, and compassion. Her support has been invaluable– she truly helped me find my calling! - Daniel, law student, Washington DC
  • Dr. Chang’s honest yet gentle approach nudged me out of the box I had created for myself. Today I have passion and confidence in the career path I have chosen and I know that I have Dr. Chang to thank for helping to turn vague ideas into a career that I love! - Melanie, graduate student, Austin TX
  • Above all else, Lynn Chang is a great listener. With compassion, understanding, and discernment she listened to my career desires and fears and helped me focus my priorities. She helped me understand what I wanted, which I had been uncertain about before, and then encouraged me to pursue it. I am very happy with my current job and I would not have even looked into that field without her help. - Erica, financial services representative, Houston TX
Career Wellness Consulting
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